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Apr 03 2015

The Secret to Female Orgasms

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The Female Orgasm Secret For women there is a very common misunderstanding about your sex organs. This is causing many women to go for years without experiencing an orgasm, until suddenly something changes and they experience their first orgasm. At that stage they realize what they have been missing, and how incredibly simple it is […]

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Jul 20 2014

Having sex is very painful?

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As a general rule, sex should not be painful. Sex is a pleasurable thing, or at the very worse, does not feel like much. There is a difference between having temporary pain and discomfort, and having long term issues. it is for example expected to have some pain and discomfort for a few times when […]

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Jun 29 2013

I Cannot Orgasm During Sex with my Partner

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Question: I find it easy to orgasm when I masturbate, but during sex with my husband, I feel nothing. is this normal. what can i do? Answer: What you are describing is actually normal, and you already figured it out yourself. When you rub your clitoris, you orgasm, when your partner penetrates you, you do […]

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