Jan 10 2010

Guaranteed Orgasms – The Coital Alignment Technique (C.A.T.)

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We have already discussed the fact that less than 20% of women can reliably reach and orgasm from intercourse alone. We discussed how anatomy (a Clitoris-to-Vagina distance of more than 1” or 25mm), the misconception that the in and out motion during intercourse will make you orgasm, and just plain poor technique is the cause of this phenomena.

We discussed the possible solutions to the problem, including making sure that your clitoris gets enough stimulation during intercourse to make you orgasm from it. We mentioned an advanced sexual position called Coital Alignment Technique (or C.A.T. for short) that will almost guarantee you an orgasm with him inside you.


How does CAT work?

It is built on two concepts:

  1. The man’s penis is not fully stiff when it is inside your vagina. As a matter of fact, research with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed how the penis bend inside the vagina during intercourse. This is normal.
  2. The man can get in a position where the shaft at the base of his penis can rub against the clitoris while the rest of his penis are inside  his female partner’s vagina

CAT is an advanced sexual intercourse position. It is better suited to sexually experienced and mature partners that can control their sexual urges. It is not meant for quickie sex, a good “fucking”, sex with your horny new boyfriend, or when you are still discovering your sexuality . The two partners have to limit their actions to a small coordinated pelvic rocking, not quite the image we have of heterosexual intercourse. When observing a couple using C.A.T, you will hardly know that they are having intercourse, except for the high rate of breathing as orgasm gets close.

CAT starts off in the normal missionary position. The woman is laying flat on her back with her legs open, the man enters her with his legs between her legs and his penis fully inserted into her vagina. Once this is comfortable for both of them, she will stay still, he will raise his body slightly on his toes and arms pulling his penis out of her vagina for a few inches. He will now push forwards (towards her head) with his toes, allowing his penis to bend around her pubic bone while the head of his penis stays inside her vagina. In other words, he needs to ride high on her. Now he has to fully rest his body on top of hers, not supporting his weight by himself at all. The idea is to not allow any movement of her body, and to pin her down on her back underneath him. They now have to swap leg positions. His legs must be outside hers. She must now wrap her legs around his and rest her feet on his calves.

At this stage neither he nor she will be able to thrust in and out any more as his penis can no longer slip straight in and out of her vagina and their bodies should stay in full length contact with each other. Because he is riding high on her, his penis is bent, because he is resting his full weight on her, the base of his penis is now fully in contact with her clitoris.

He should swivel/tilt his pelvis downwards (like he wants to thrust into her) and she should allow him to push her pelvis down while maintaining some resistance. Then she should swivel her pelvis upwards and he should give some resistance while allowing her to push him up. He should then start the downwards movement again. This will create a rocking motion of their pelvises while the rest of their bodies stay stable will give both him and her enough stimulation to orgasm in a short amount of time. Simultaneous orgasm is often possible in this position.

She should place her hands on his buttocks and use it to guide the tempo.

It is important to say this again: No in and out thrusting will take place, just the rocking motion of their pelvises.


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