Jul 27 2009

Apple iPhone Fertility, Pregnanacy and Period Tracking Software

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The iPhone is a handy and useful device for helping you track your fertility. It is portable, normally carried with you and rich environment that can be used for tracking symptoms wherever you are. You can even take it to your health care provider to show him/her.

We have evaluated a number of fertility software products for the Apple iPhone. The following products were evaluated:

  • Femcal 1.4
  • Ovulation Cycles 1.2
  • Sympto
  • Free Menstrual Calendar (FMC)
  • Monthlies 2.2
  • HealthTracker
  • PerfectWheel
  • wCalendar
  • BabyMed
  • Wheel RE
  • Wheel SP
  • myGirlsDay
  • IP
  • iPregnanct
  • Pregnancy – What To Expect
  • Pregnancy
  • Pregnant?
  • P Tracker
  • AuntFlow
  • MyCalendar
  • PeriodPlus
  • Petals
  • OvuCalendar
  • i-Femion
  • FemiCycle
  • iMensies
  • Menstrometer
  • BioClock
  • PregCalc
  • OV Calendar
  • BabyMed

FemCal 1.4

Cost: $6.99

Watmough Software


Method: FAM (Fertility Awareness Method)


  • Easy-to-use, just tap!
  • Adapts to the length of your cycle
  • Calendar display of your cycle data
  • Displays your upcoming periods
  • Display estimated fertile and infertile days
  • Graphical reports that you can download
  • Email your data and reports
  • Password protected, for your privacy
  • Imports data quickly and easily from FemCal Lite
  • Attractive new color
  • Menses flow spotting, light, medium heavy
  • Up to five symptoms, with an editable list of symptoms
  • Up to five medications, with an editable list of medications
  • A daily note, allowing you to store a comment or reminder
  • Waking temperature in degF or degC
  • Cervical fluid consistency
  • Cervical firmness
  • Intercourse
  • Ovulation test kit name and result
  • Pregnancy test kit name and result
  • Other procedure, such as BSE etc.


  • Implements FAM (Fertility Awareness Method)
  • Password protected
  • Online Help from the Settings Screen
  • Skins – 4 Colors and 5 calendar images
  • Selectable Fertility/Infertility rules: First 5 Days/Dry day rule/Temperature Shift rule/Peak day rule/
  • Temp degC/degF
  • Exportable and e-mailable charts


  • The screen is still pretty small for a lot of information. Focus on a single day however helps


Data Entry

FemCal Capture 04

FemCal Capture 05

Calendar View

FemCal Capture 02

Cycle Chart View

FemCal Capture 03

Downloaded or E-Mailed PDF Chart

FemCal Capture 01

Ovulation Cycles 1.2

Cost: Free

Sunil Taneja


Method: Calendar


Ovulation Cycles is a very basic fertility calculator. You enter your Menstruation Start Date and Number of Cycle Days and the program will map the fertility days (High, Medium and Low) as well as Flow days (High, Medium and Low). The program does not store your information.


The interface is simple to use.

Ovulation day classification of High. Medium and Low Fertility is accurate.



Number of flow days and number of Luteal Phase days can not be set.

Data can not be stored


A very basic calculator based on very simple assumptions


Result Screen

Input Screen

OV Calculator Capture

Monthlies 2.2

Cost: $1.99

Pavel Trafimuk


Method: Calendar


Monthlies helps you to determine your menstrual or fertile days of the month, so you can either achieve or avoid pregnancy. The calendar is based on the first date of your last period, the average Period Length and Luteal Phase. With this information a chart is generated for each month, including details such as the next period date, the best days to conceive a boy or a girl, your ovulation day and when you should abstain from intercourse to avoid pregnancy.

  • Five themes for the Calendar View.
  • Notes for every day.
  • View your cycles complete with emoticons, icons symbolizing cramps, love connections, notes, spotting, period days and flow, expected periods, fertile days, ovulation, and more
  • 4 digit pin protection.
  • Daily tips with instruction for menstrual and fertility.
  • Calendar view
  • Simple interface to log your periods.

Monthlies assumes a luteal phase length of 14 days, which is the average for most women unless you modify the luteal phase length in the settings screen.


  • PIN security
  • Simple interface
  • Remember previous entries
  • Notes can be added every day
  • Best days for conceiving a boy or a girl


  • If your cycle is not absolutely regular, you can not changed calculated period and ovulation dates every month to reflect the situation on the ground. Changing these dates will also change the previous cycles


Calendar View: Fertile Window

Calendar View: Unsafe Days

Calendar View: Menstruation



Note Entry


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