Oct 01 2009

Pull-Out / Withdrawal / Coitus Interruptus

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The pull out method is where the man does not use a condom but pulls out before ejaculation or orgasm. The man bill normally finish and ejaculate on the women, the belly, breasts, ass, back or face or the woman will suck him off and have him ejaculate inside her mouth.

There are a number of problems with this method:

  • The man can introduce sperm into the vagina with first penetration
  • No condom means no protection against Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infections (STDs/STIs) for either the man or woman
  • The man might decide not to pull out in the heat of the moment or try to go to long and not pull out in time or far enough before ejaculating
  • The ejaculate can drip back onto or into the vulva or the penis can touch the vulva while it is covered in semen

The efficacy is 81% for typical use and 96% for perfect use. Perfect use is no semen left in the man’s unary tract before penetration and complete withdrawal from the woman’s genital area before ejaculating.

The efficacy number means that for every 100 healthy women having sex with healthy men over a 12 month period, 19 will get pregnant in typical use and only 4 when special care is taken.

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