Aug 17 2009

Disposable Pads

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Disposable pads are worn in your panties and thrown away after use. They come in all shapes and sizes from around the world – long, short, wide, thin, maxi, overnight, winged, string, colored, pantyliner and so on. A disposable pad will have some sticky glue at the bottom to adhere to your panty’s gusset. Some also have wings that fold down on the outside of your panty and stick to it or use a type of Velcro to stick to it.


Most girls will start with disposable pads when they start to menstruate. This is because the status of their hymen is not known, pads are easier to use than tampons and using pads does not require as much maturity as tampons which should be changed regularly. Pads are also worn when sleeping because of the fact that tampons needs to be changed every 4 hours. Special pads for overnight are available. These pads are longer, wider in the back and more absorbent to cater for an 8 hour sleep. Some cultures almost exclusively use disposable pads, most notably Asians and Indians.

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