May 19 2009

Mons Pubis – The Toe in Camel Toe

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Even though the Mons Pubis is not strictly a part of the genitals, it is considered to be part of the genital system. The Mons Pubis (or Pubic Mound/Mound of Venus/Mons Veneris) is a fatty and hairy area above the Vulva and below the belly button. This area is pretty low on the abdomen and normally covered by underwear. Underneath this area (on the inside of the body) is the Pubic Bone and inside that is the Bladder. The area is very pronounced in some women and in others is is almost unnoticeable. The size is controlled by the amount of body fat in general and by the hormone Estrogen.

This area does not exist in prepubertal girls. During puberty the surge in estrogen will cause fatty tissue to get deposited over the pubic bone and the area gets larger. This area becomes more prominent and pubic hair grows on it. The thickness and distribution of the hair differs from women to women. Many women will shave this area to keep the hair from showing under low cut underwear. Some women will even color the hair and shave it in different shapes (like a heart or some other shape).

Although the function of the Mons Pubis is not quite clear, biologists think it acts like a bumper to bring comfort during intercourse and protection of the inner organs and genitals. The fatty area will absorb any bumps to the area and prevent the bone-on-bone effect from the male and female pelvic bones grinding during intercourse in the missionary position. It also pushes the top of the Labia Majora slightly forward and away from the body in the human female to protect the clitoris better and provide more male/female clitoral contact in certain sexual positions.,png,gif

Mons Pubis (Author: Hanna Apple License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 ),png,gif

Cleft of Venus just below Mons Pubis (Author: Johanna79 License: Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0)


Camel Toe

Below the Mons Pubis is a cleft that divides the Vulva in two halves (left and right). Each halve is made up of the genital lips (Labia Majora on the outside and Labia Minora on the inside)Where the lips meet in the middle it forms a cleft known as the Cleft of Venus. When a woman pulls her clothes tight and into the Cleft of Venus and over the Mons Pubis, it forms what is called a Camel Toe in popular slang. The reason for this is that the raised area of the Labia Majora with the Cleft of Venus dividing it in the middle makes it look like a Camel’s toe


A Real Camel Toe (Licese: public domain)

Human “Camel Toe” (License: public domain)

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