May 19 2009

Labia Minora (or Inner Labia)

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The Labia Minora or Inner lips are found on the inside of the Labia Majora.

The Labia Minora is probably the single organ that differs the most between women. They differ in size, color, shape, length and symmetry. It is important to understand that the look of the Labia Minora are not affected by sexual intercourse or masturbation.This creates so much anguish in young women that it bears repeating. If I can shout it out from the rooftops, I will: THE SHAPE, SIZE AND COLOR OF THE LABIA MINORA ARE NOT AFFECTED BY MASTURBATION OR SEX. In some cultures the size of the Labia Minora is considered a sign of fertility. In these cultures the Labia Minora is stretched by hanging heavy weights from it for long periods of time over months. If you do not stretch your Labia Minora out for hours at a time for weeks or months during masturbation, STOP WORRYING RIGHT NOW.

The role of the Labia Minora is to keep the inner part of the Vulva closed and clean and to prevent it from drying out completely. The Labia Minora covers the interior part of the vulva and are thus keeping dirt and germs out and keeping moisture inside to provide a healthy vaginal environment.

Before we look at the Labia Minora in detail, lets discuss their look. In some women the Labia Minora is completely hidden by the Labia Majora. The whole genital area then looks like a closed clam. The next type of Labia Minora is where flaps of the Labia Minora protrudes from between the Labia Majora. These flaps can be anything from dark brown in color to bright pink, they can be a few millimeters in size or almost the full length of the Vulva. The flaps can be symmetric (both the left and right sides the same) or completely asymmetrical where only on side has a flap. The texture and length of the flaps can differ from a few mm to 5 cm or more. The coloring on the flaps can also differ from dark brown or red on the edge to bright pink where it disappears inside the Labia Majora.

The next look is where the Labia Minora “hangs” outside the Labia Majora for the full length of the Vulva. Everything that was said about flaps can also be said about the full lip. The Labia Minora can be thin or fat, it can be smooth or wrinkly and bunched up.

There are no “normal” for the Labia Minora. Each woman is their own glorious self. There can obviously be problems with the anatomy of the Labia Minora but this can easily be fixed surgically with an operation called Labiaplasty. In very few woman the Labia Minora is so long (15 to 30 cm) that it creates problems during sex or it is constantly getting injured and irritated by clothes. Under these circumstances, an operation is warranted. Labiaplasty is expensive and normally only covered by medical insurance when it is medically necessary. Over and above the normal risks of anesthesia, there are also the risk of nerve damage or scar tissue where you want it least. This can affect your sex life for years. Labiaplasty should thus not be taken lightly.

The Labia Minora does not have any hair on them. Like the vagina and clitoris, it contains erectile tissue. This is tissue that will swell up as it is filled with blood during arousal and it will then trap the blood inside until it is released later. Because of this the Labia Minora can swell up and push the Labia Majora aside to reveal the inside of the Vulva.

The Labia Minora contains nerve endings that can create sexual pleasure when stimulated. The Labia Minora can also change color during sex as it is filled with blood. It can become ruby red or dark brown close to orgasm.

At the front or top, the Labia Minora is attached to the under side of the Clitoris. The outside edge of the Labia Minora covers the Clitoris and are joined seamlessly. The inside edge of the Labia Minora are attached to the underside of the Clitoris. It forms a seam where the two Labia Minora and the Clitoris joins.

At the back or bottom the Labia Minora get very thin and small and might even disappear to the naked eye where it joins the Labia Majora a few centimeters above the Anus.

During very rough sex, sexual assault or natural child birth the back wall of the Vagina and the joining of the Labia Majora and Labia Minora might tear. This typically heals without any problems although scar tissue might create some problems.

Long Inner Labia – Note the lack of hair on the Labia Minora

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Human vulva

Inner lips hanging out past the outer lips

Almost hidden inner labia

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Totally hidden Labia Minora

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The before and after picture of Labiaplasty

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File:Female sexual arousal.JPG

Unaroused and Aroused Vulva

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Uneven Labia Minora

Human vulva

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