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Apr 03 2015

The Secret to Female Orgasms

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The Female Orgasm Secret For women there is a very common misunderstanding about your sex organs. This is causing many women to go for years without experiencing an orgasm, until suddenly something changes and they experience their first orgasm. At that stage they realize what they have been missing, and how incredibly simple it is […]

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Sep 18 2014

Your Clitoris Gets Bigger During Your Fertile Time

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Researchers have found that a woman’s clitoris increase in size when she is in her fertile window. This starts a few days before ovulation until a few days after ovulation. Before menstruation, the clitoris is at its smallest, and stays that way throughout menstruation. This ties in with the evolutionary theory that a woman’s body […]

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Aug 22 2014

Vagina vs. Clitoris

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What is in a name? There is a lot of confusion about a woman’s genitals, especially about what to call it, and secondly about what gives a woman pleasure. The first bit of confusion is about the fact that girls are taught to call everything a vagina (or ‘vag’). If it is between your legs, […]

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