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How do I make my breasts larger?

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Most of how you look is predetermined by your genes. Those are formed the moment you are conceived and your mother and father’s DNA combined to form your new DNA. This DNA is the blueprint for everything on you. Your size, shape, color. What is not determined by your genes are how you take care of yourself – do you stay fit? Do you stay slim and trim? Do you eat healthy? How many children you will have. So your breast size was determined long before you were born.

A woman’s breast is mostly fatty tissue. This means that it cannot be exercised or massaged, and pills and medicines have almost no influence on it. Almost no influence because female sex hormones like estrogen does affect the amount of fluid maintained in the fatty tissue to some extent. That is why some women see a cup size increase when they get on birth control hormones and their estrogen levels increase. Estrogen is also what makes the vaginal lining wet and fluffy, rather than dry and tight.

When you are overweight, your breasts are one of the places fat are stored. Unfortunately this is not good. The fat is not firm, and as soon as you lose weight, it will come off, leaving the skin slightly stretched. Repeated cycles of weight gain and slimming will not be good for the skin and breasts and will make your breasts age prematurely.

There seems to be a misconception that large breasts are the most desirable thing on a woman. The fact that that image even existts does not mean that it is the most common. It is just that you hear and see that opinion most often. When you describe something, you use whatever oddity tht object displays to describe it with. So if a woman have extrodinary large breasts, she will be described as that. It does not mean that it is more desirable than smaller breasts. If you look at the most used models in the world, they almost all have very small breasts.

You are much much much more than just 2 breasts, and the chances that somebody will like you because your breasts are large is zero. People may notice a large breasted women first, but within seconds that image and advantage is gone. Then it is personality that counts.

Some men and women may like large breasts, some may like small breasts, most do not care. They are attracted to the person, not the breasts. Friends, sexual partners, lovers and partners are attracted to your personality. If they feel good spending time with you, they will. It does not matter how you look or what size breasts you have. We all like to spend time with people that make as feel good and make us laugh. Not one of us will say that we like to spend time with women with large breasts.

Learn to dress appropriately for your breast size and figure. Use padding and push-up bras when you want to show off a bit. Get a sexy bra and panties when you want to feel sexy. Gets a bra and panty set with patterns or print when you feel playful. You have every right to feel sexy, wanted, attractive or playful when you want to. And the size of your breasts play no role in it.

So forget about feeling less of a woman because you have smaller breasts. Do not give it a second thought

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