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PLEASE NOTE: Every women is different. These differences includes but are not limited to color, size, thickness, smoothness, wrinkleness, hair, texture, smell, taste, length, wetness, sensitivity and symmetry.

This is not any different than anything else. Take hair color, nose size, facial symmetry, lip plumpness, length, breast size, breast shape and so forth. No twp women are alike, except for identical twins, and even then there are differences, just less pronounced.

ADVICE: If you have not done so yet, find a mirror, lock the door, wash your hands and take a good look at your genitals. Rub it, open it, stick your finger inside, taste yourself. This is the only way you can become comfortable with your body. It is not dirty or ugly. It is uniquely you. You can not break anything and nothing can go missing inside your body.

Every woman have 4 levels of anatomy:

  • External Anatomy
    • There is what can be seen if she takes off her clothes like the Outer Lips, the Cleft, the Mound of Venus, the Breasts and Nipples.
    • There are some parts that are hidden by hair and lips but it is still on the outside. Using your fingers you can open these up to look at it like the Clitoris, the Vaginal Opening, The Pee Hole, the Anus
  • Internal Anatomy
    • There are the organs that are inside the body but can be touched by sticking your finger in it like the Vagina, the Cervix and the Rectum
    • There are internal organs that can not be touched by sticking your finger in like the Uterus, Ovaries, Fallopian Tubes and Bladder

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