Jun 01 2009

Common Everyday Vibrators

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Massagers are a common medical device found in many homes. Vibration technology in the massagers are used for relaxation, treating stiff and sore muscles and physical therapy. Many of these ‘massagers’ are dual use tools. These can be found at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, Wallmart, KMart, Sears, Target, CVS, Wallgreens, Brookstone and your local store. They can also be ordered from the web.

In general, it is nor a good idea to use any of the heated massagers on your genitals. Also make sure that the massager does not have any sharp edges or parts that can pull hair. The massager should also be easy to clean. An unused condom can be used to keep the massager clean. For the ultimate luxury, find a massager that runs off electricity and are rechargeable.

Do not use electrical massagers close to water.


In-store and Mail Order: Personal Massagers


In-Store and Mail Order: Personal Massagers

Stores like CVSWalgreens and Target have a number of vibrators or massagers in-store.


The following stores are reputable online shops delivering value for money, quality products, excellent customer support and are USA based. Many of these sites also provide educational articles that are well worth the read. Sign up for there news letters and watch out for specials. These sites are also not filled with porn so you can shop safely. That said, these sites are still not safe for work (NSFW)

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