Apr 06 2012

Period Panties

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Every woman has them – panties that are no longer at their best, maybe they have been washed too often, maybe there is a tear in them, maybe they are a fuller style than what you wear today, maybe you had a period accident and you stained them. You keep them at the back of your underwear drawer, or in the bottom drawer. Those panties are comfortable, and you don’t mind leaking on them.

But there is also another side to period panties. There are a range of menstrual underwear that will help you manage your hygiene needs. It will absorb discharge and leaks, it will keep pads in place, and it will keep leaks inside. These panties are not just functional, but they are sexy, pretty, fit well and make you feel sexy when you wear them. They are darker in color, snug fitting, fashionable. They will give you more confidence that nothing bad will happen, and that you can concentrate on what you want to do, not worry about your period.

They have super absorbent material in the crotch area that will wick away wetness and discharge, trapping it away from your skin. You simply wash them like other underwear, and they are ready to wear again. Wear them on heavy discharge days in place of panty liners, or with panty liners, to keep you dry during your ‘wetter’ cycle days, with panty liners during light flow days or spotting days, and with tampons, menstrual cups or pads during heavy flow days.


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Lunapanties: http://lunapads.com/underwear.html


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