Jul 14 2015

Pads or Tampons?

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This is a question that is often asked, especially by teenage girls. What is the best, pads or tampons? And then after that, what is the best pad or best tampon?

Some of the comments about pads that are often heard:

  • I find it repulsive
  • It is like sitting in your own blood
  • It feels like a diaper
  • I hate the noise the wrapper makes in a public restroom
  • I want to go swimming
  • It shifts, bunches up and leaks
  • It is so big
  • I am afraid people will see the pad bulge

Some of the comments about tampons that are often heard:

  • My mom won’t allow me to use it
  • I am afraid to put that inside me
  • What about TSS
  • What if it gets lost
  • It is very painful to get out
  • I can feel it when I walk or sit
  • I cannot get it in
  • I have a septate hymen
  • I cannot figure out how to get it in
  • I cannot stand keeping all that blood inside me
  • I leak past it and soil my panties while there is nothing in the pad

The follow up question is often: What is the best pad or tampon?

Personal Choice

What you use is a personal choice. It has nothing to do with anybody else. And nether has what anybody else use have anything to do with you.

You will often bump into what I like to call the “Tampon Police” that tries to convince you that you are stupid for not using tampons, because it works so well for them. Or what I call the “Pad Police” which will tell you how bad tampons are for your health. When you bump into these girls, just say “Thanks, I know and I am comfortable with what I use” and continue on.

What you use is not a religion or a political party. You do not have to convince other girls to follow you, and you definitely do not need other girls to convince you to swap.

What you use and when you use it is your own choice. You have to use what you think will keep you safe, secure and comfortable. Those are the only three requirements:

  • Safe – Safe from health risks, safe from leaks
  • Secure – Knowing that it can catch your flow and not show or leak every time you use it. Being predictable as to when you should change it.
  • Comfortable – Not make you break out in hives, give you an infection, scratch you, make you sweat or smell, or make you uncomfortable.

Which Pad or Tampon is the Best?

This is really not a question that anybody else can answer for YOU. YOUR body is unique, and your flow is unique. If there was truly a “Best Tampon” or “Best Pad”, no other company would be able to sell their products.

Unless you stay in North Korea or some other closed and impoverished society, you have many choices. Their are different companies making pads and tampons, there are different types of pads and tampons, and there are different absorbencies of pads and tampons. Choice is good. It means that with a little bit of experimentation, you can find the pad or tampon that works best for you.

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