Sep 29 2016

What does a “normal” woman look like?

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Every girl will wonder at some stage if they are normal. It is just natural to do so. We can look at other women an figure out if our hands are normal, if our faces are normal, or if our hair is normal. But once we wonder about our vulvas, vaginas or breasts, it is not that easy to compare. And looking at out biology handbook, or even porn is not an accurate representation about what is normal.

For this reason, there are various useful projects on the internet to document what is normal.

The Great Wall of Vagina

This is a number of panels made up of plaster casts from real women’s vulvas. This is of course not really vaginas like the name indicates. It is vulvas. The vagina is inside the body

This can be seen here:

Great Wall of Vagina Panels

Unfortunately you cannot see the wide range of colors, as a plaster cast is white.

Beautiful Cervix

This is a gallery of pictures taken inside the vaginas of women to show the cervix and the cervical mucus:

Beautiful Cervix Pictures

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