Dec 07 2009

When Did I Get Pregnant? Who Is The Dad?

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This is a question that are often asked. I does not sound logical. How can a woman not know when she got pregnant? There are many reasons for that.

  • Many women does not understand their monthly cycles and how that affect their  ability to get pregnant.
  • Some women get confused by their due dates and the gestational age as given by their doctors.
  • Some women have irregular monthly cycles
  • Some women does not realize immediately when they are pregnant.
  • Some women had two or more partners that cycle. This happens a lot when a women breaks up with her partner.
  • Some women cheated on their partners, a condom broke, she forgot to take the pill or he’s got a vasectomy that is not complete

Often the woman will just keep quiet. It is better for her if her current partner does not know that he might not be the dad. That way she keeps the resources around to take care of her and the child.

DNA testing for research programs on genetic illnesses, showed a 3.7% false fatherhood figure. That means that 37 out of every 1,000 dads are not really the dad of their kid. That is about 1 in every 25 children.

This is not an issue for the mothers. It is quite clear that only the mother can give birth to the baby. It is however an issue for the dad as even the mother cannot be sure who the dad is unless she has been 100% faithful in the cycle she got pregnant in.

Various adaptations in the male has been attributed to this fact. The head of the penis is larger than the body/shaft of the penis. This creates a suction and pump action inside the vagina  during intercourse that will remove any left over semen from another man from the cervix and vagina. It is also thought that men’s ejaculate contains killer sperm whose sole purpose it is to seek out sperm from another male and destroy them to render that male’s sperm impotent.

In order for you to understand when you got pregnant, it is important to understand your monthly menstrual cycle and the parameters of normal and abnormal cycles.

Your cycle have two phases, Follicular Phase (FP) and Luteal Phase (LP). The LP starts with ovulation. Ovulation Your fertile time depends on your LP phase. Normally this

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