Aug 17 2009

Sex On Your Period

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Many men and women are absolutely repulsed by even thinking about sex while you are on your period. Other women crave sex and intimacy when they are flowing, and some men are turned on by having sex with a menstruating women. There is both the menstrual flow and the smell to deal with during period sex. If you don’t care much for sex while flowing, then leave this page immediately. This is not for you.

It is safe to engage in any sexual activity you desire during your period, anal sex, intercourse, oral sex, fingering or masturbation. Menstrual flow It is not harmful for either you are your partner, unless one of you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection.

There are a few things to be careful about:

  • The cervix entrance is open during menstruation to allow the flow to exit. This means that germs, bacteria and infections can enter the cervix and uterus more easily during your flow. Anything that goes into the vagina thus needs to be extra clean.
  • Never have intercourse with your tampon in. This will compact the tampon at the top of the vagina and dry it out. Removing this compacted dry tampon may require some medical help.

There are various devices that can be used in place of a regular cotton tampon to catch the flow during sex, and make it ‘cleaner’:

  • Beppy Comfort Tampons – A stingless sponge like tampon made from polyurethane.
  • Menstrual cups – Rubber or silicone cups that fit at the top of the vagina cupping the cervix and catching the flow. The disposable InStead Softcup is ideal for handling your flow during sexual intercourse and play. InStead Softcups are often used for that special occasion sex, like on your wedding night or anniversary in stead of trying to manipulate menstruation using birth control pills.Divacup, Mooncup, Instead SoftCup, Lunette and Miacup.

Other ways to minimize the messiness:

  • Old towels – Put some old towels under your behind to catch the flow
  • Have sex in the shower or bath
  • Have sex right after bathing or showering
  • Sex on your last few days, not during the heavy day 1 or day 2 flow
  • Condoms to keep the flow from his penis
  • Anal sex if you like that. With a tampon in your vagina the sensation can be different enough to try at least once if you like anal sex
  • Use a clean tampon if your partner wants to give you oral sex
  • Stroking, rubbing and sexual toys can feel quite different when done through a pad or panty liner. This sensation can still be very pleasant even though the stimulation is more diffused and less direct
  • If you lie on your stomach and your partner enters you from behind, you can use an old towel, washcloth or pad to catch the flow underneath you

Other precautions:

  • Even though the menstrual flow will coat the vaginal walls, extra lubrication might be needed. The menstrual flow can become dry quickly and hurt you and your partner
  • Due to the movement of your uterus in your abdomen during sexual activity, and contractions in the uterus wall during orgasm, sexual activity close to and during menstruation can cause your period to start a bit earlier, restart shortly after it stopped, or stopping it sooner than normal. An orgasm can also cause a sudden rush of menstrual debris as your orgasmic contractions force it out of the uterus and through the cervix quicker than gravity will. This is not bad, and merely listed here to make you aware that it can happen.
  • There is a chance that you can become pregnant from unprotected sex during your period. The chance is very slim. Sperm can live for up to 5 days inside your body. If the sperm can survive the trip up the cervix while your flow is coming out, and you ovulate within 5 days after the sex, you can become pregnant. It is not normal for a women to ovulate that early. Only if you have extremely short or irregular periods can this be a problem. If you do not track your own fertility and ovulation, please be aware of the risks and take precautions. The fact that the risk is extremely small does not mean that there is no risk.

Having a close and intimate relationship and a good orgasm can help you relax and get rid of menstrual and PMS cramping and stress. An orgasm will also always put you in a better mood thanks to the hormones being released in the brain when climaxing. If you can stand it and you have a willing partner, it is worth it to try it at least once to see what it feels like and to see if you like it a lot. You may be pleasantly surprised by your own feelings and sensations.




Having sex while menstruating is a taboo in some religions. Moslems and Jews are expressly forbidden to have sex during the women’s menstrual flow. This taboo is quite understandable when you look at the time when these commands were issued. With regular baths and modern feminine hygiene products, this is however no longer a valid concern. Christians have come to accept that the reason for these laws are no longer valid and that it had more to do with keeping the Israelites safe and healthy than spiritual well being.

If you do not want to have sex while you are flowing, don’t. This article is not meant to entice you into having sex while menstruating and condemning your soul forever.

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