May 19 2009

Urethral Opening

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The Urethral Opening or Pee Hole opens in the Vestibule above the Vaginal Opening and below the Clitoris. The Urethra is the thin tube that feeds urine from the Bladder to the Vulva.

The opening is a small hole that might be very prominent or hardly visible. The easiest way to find it is to get in the shower or bath when you need to pee, take a small mirror, open your Vulva with your fingers and see where urine comes out. This is no harmful in any way as long as your hands are clean and you wash them afterwards.

The area around the opening can be very sensitive to touch. For this reason it is also known as the U-Spot. Stimulation of the U-Spot be tremendously arousing and even lead to orgasm. Every women is however different and nerve endings are distributed differently. For most women this U-Spot is not an erogenous zone.

If you get the Urethral Opening dirty, germs might make it up the unreal tract and cause a UTI (urinal tract infection). This is not fun to have and should be avoided by washing your hands before touching your Vulva. UTIs can also be contracted in other ways. Most notably normal intercourse with a man at some phases of your menstrual cycle. This is not the same for every woman. Some women seem to be immune to UTIs while other will get them frequently.

Controversial Information

The Urethral Opening is also where female ejaculate exits the body. There is still a lot of miss-information and falsehoods around about female ejaculation. I think it is safe to say that female ejaculation is an accepted medical fact today. The controversy is about how much ejaculate is produced and what it is. See the section on Female Ejaculation under Sex for a full discussion of Female Ejaculation.


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