May 22 2009

U Spot

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The U Spot found around the u opening (the “pee hole”). The urethral opening is below the clitoris and above the vaginal opening in the vulva. The U Spot is made up of erectile tissue in the shape of a small upside-down U shaped area on both sides of the urethral opening and the top (clitoris side). The erectile tissue does not go all the way around the urethral opening. It does not exist between the Urethral hole and the vaginal entrance.




The erectile tissue is the outward manifestation of the parauthral gland (or female ‘prostate’ gland). It is made up of a different tissue to the rest of the vulvar floor. In some women this tissue will engourge with blood and swoll up to form a clear bulging U shaped area. The Skene’s glands also mouth out into this general area and it will carry a lubricating and cleaning fluid from the pareuthral glands to the vulva just before orgasm. All of this is part of the G Spot or parauthral gland complex that can be found around the urethra. When stimulated, these areas can provide intense pleasure and explosive orgasms for the lucky woman.

The way to stimulate the U spot is to use a well lubricated finger or the head of an erect penis and rub around and over it. We would be verry irresponsible if we do not warn you: DO NOT STICK ANYTHING INTO THE URETHRA. Trust us, it will not be fun for you. Do not allow anybody to do that.

Unary Tract Infections (UTIs) are no fun. MAKE SURE THAT ALL HANDS, FINGERS, NAILS, PENISES AND TOYS ARE SQUEAKY CLEAN before allowing it close to your uterthral entrance. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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