Jul 20 2014

How do I delay my period?

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The question normally starts with: I am going to see my boyfriend/husband, or I am going to a beach party/swimming/party/sleepover/camping/bus trip/the prom/a wedding/athletic meeting/dance competition, how do I delay my period.

There are various old wives tales on how to delay your period. The only reliable way is with birth control pills. Birth control pills can cause some unwanted side effects when you start, so you should start with plenty of time to spare. If your last week of the pill pack falls on the days you do not want your period, skip that week’s pills (the inactive or period week pills). Start your next pack in its place.

This is not guaranteed, but it is very likely to work.

If you need to do this suddenly, emergency contraceptive pills can stop your period for a few days. About 5 to 7 days after taking the emergency contraceptive pill, you will likely get withdrawal bleeding (a period).

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