Jul 20 2014

Did I have my first period?

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While you develop in a sexually mature women, all the different hormones, cycles and changes must work together to form your fertility cycle. It can take quite a while for all this to happen.

It will normally not happen until at least an year after your breasts started developing.And then, one of the main triggers is body fat.

In the beginning, you may not even ovulate every cycle, and it can take a year or more to start to ovulate regularly.

You will likely start to see some discharge for a while first. Clear, white and/or creamy. These are all indications of how your hormones are changing. Then you may start to see blood and spotting. Brown spots in your panties or on tilet paper, This may go on for a while before you start to bleed. Then you may get a heavy period, a light period or anything inbetween, and your periods can come months appart or weeks appart. After a year or more, you will begin to develop a more regular pattern.

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