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How do I use a tampon?

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The first thing worth knowing is that tampons or pads are not a religion, or a cult, or political belief. You should not try to convince other women, or have other women trying to convert you from one to the other. It is also not a matter of life or death. It is actually a personal choice. It cannot be made for you by a friend, boyfriend or your mom. It is a relatively unimportant choice in your life, one that can be made or changed at any time. Both tampons and pads does the same, tampons just keeps the blood in a reservoir inside your body, the other lets the blood out and stores it in a reservoir outside your body. Both can leak, and both needs to be checked and changed regularly. Both are thrown away in the normal trash after removing it. Both are sold in the same isle of your supermarket or pharmacy. And sometimes, both can and should be used together.

First a few disclaimers and general rules:

* Some women cannot wear tampons. Be it because of the way their vaginas are shaped, a hymen, pain or discomfort, or being afraid of using tampons. It is just a fact of life. It may change a few years later, or after giving birth.

* Another important thing to know is that you should use the smallest possible tampon that will protect you for about 4 hours.Normally that means starting with a junior or teen size.

* Tampons should only be used if you flow enough to fill it up in 4 to 8 hours (preferably on the shorter end of that scale – 4 or 6 hours, rather than 8 hours). So not for discharge, spotting or light days. You may wear different absorbencies on different days.

* There are other menstrual protection like menstrual cups and cloth pads that should also be considered or tried.

* Birth control pills are often used to make your cycles more regular, lighten your flow, or even stop or delay it altogether.

* There are a range of 4 different absorbencies available.

* Tampons come with or without an applicator. The applicator can be cardboard or plastic. A tampon without an applicator is often called a digital tampon.

* When a tampon starts to absorb fluid, it can expand in length, or in width. Some tampons expand length wise, some expands in width. Only by trying them will you find out which are which.

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