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Did I pee during sex?

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Urinating in Women and men work differently. Unlike the male, the female bladder does not shut off from letting out urine during sex.

Not everything coming out of your pee hole is urine. Scientists found that most women will have a clear fluid form in their bladders during sexual stimulation and arousal. This fluid is a clean fluid, unlike urine and unlike female ejaculation fluid.

During sexual play, some women will feel the urge to urinate. It is however likely this gushing fluid. Letting it out during orgasm can be very satisfying for both partners. For the women, it can increase the pleasure from orgasm. For the man, it is a sign of his own sexual prowess and ability to pleasure his partner.

Sometimes it is however urine gushing out. The test is to let it dry and then smell it. Urine will have a strong urine smell, female gushing fluid will at most have a very very faint urine smell, and most likely, no smell at all.

If it is urine, the bladder sphincter muscle can be exercised to strengthen it (Kegel exercises), the woman can interrupt to urinate during sex and then continue, or you can decide that it is good and fun and live with it. A visit to the doctor is however recommended to make sure it is not an infection, medical condition, incontinence or a physical problem. If you leak at other times, it is likely to also happen during sex.

Sometimes a man can also get a bit rough trying to stimulate the so called g spot. This can put tremendous pressure on the bladder sphincter muscle and cause it to open up and let the bladder drain. Very sharp stimulation there should be avoided as this sphincter muscle can be damaged.

Lastly it must be stated that this gushing and squirting is not always accompanied by an orgasm. Some women feel absolutely nothing special when this happens.

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