Jul 20 2014

I had period sex, am I pregnant?

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There is nothing wrong with having sex during your period. It is healthy and natural, and it can cheer you up and make your period symptoms less.

A woman is normally not fertile the week before her period, or during her period. The only exception is if you have very short cycles (21 days or less). So in general it is relatively safe to have period sex. Of course there are exceptions. A few times in your life you will ovulate twice in one cycle. If you are as unlucky enough to have sex when this happens, you may end up pregnant. The chances are however very very small. It is more a chance in theory than in reality. Women just do not get pregnant from sex during her period. Not unless she is very unlucky.

So if you do not plan on having a baby, but do not mind to get pregnant, period sex provides a more than acceptable risk. It is also not a reaon to panick if a condome comes off during period sex, or you get an ejaculation by mistake.

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