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I have terrible cramps before my period?

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Cramps are the way your uterus breaks up the lining, dissolve it and secrete it as menstrual flow. Some women have a tougher time than other with this. Even women with no cramps at all can cramp badly every once in a while.

The first treatment is often going on birth control pills. This will stop the cycle of preparation and shedding in your uterus, and replace it with withdrawal bleeding. Withdrawal bleeding is normally shorter, lighter and less painful. Pills can even be taken continiously for a few cycles to reduce the number of times you will experience bleeding during the year. That way you minimize any cramping that are left.

Other ways to deal with extreme cramping are by taking pain medicine. Typically an NSAID like Ibuprofin. There are also pills made especially for menstrual discomfort, like Motrin and Midol. Various type of these exists to deal with different things like cramps and bloating. The secret of using pain killers effectively to help you is to start taking it BEFORE your cramps start. Once you are cramping, it can only be used to lessen the pain. Start a day or two before your period and cramps should start and take it until your cramps should have stopped.

Look at the ingredients. Some pain medicines will have caffiene (a diaretic). Even though this will help you, it can also stop you from sleeping well. So choose carefully, and read and heed all the warnings.

Changes in your diet can also help. Cut out salt and coffee close to your period. Take a woman’s supplement, especially one that has iron in it. And drink enough water.

Use a warm water bottle or heat patch over your stommach area.

Some women find that using tampons increase their cramping. It may be worth it to try pads or a menstrual cup to see if this helps you.

Lastly masturbation and having an orgasm has been shown to speed up the process of shedding the lining and lessening and shortening the pain. It will also do your state of mind good, and make you sleepy.

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