Jul 20 2014

My Labia is discolored and/or disfigured?

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A woman’s genitals are as unique as her personality. Look around you. How many women do you see that look exactly the same? Very likely not a single one. Our genitals are exactly the same.

Most women, (if not all) are uneven and asymetrical (different left and right sides). Her inner lips can be totally hidden, peek out, stick out or hang out. It can be light colored, wine red, deep purple, dark brown or almost black. It can be discolored right on the edges, or all over. It can be thin or fat, smooth or wrinkly. These are all normal shapes, sizes and colors.

Genitals are not meant to be attractive. It is part of our reproductive system, and we hide it inside clothes for most of our lives. The shape, size and color do not make a difference to sexual pleasure or functioning, There is no reason to feel self concious about how we look naked.

Just like with everything else in life, tastes differ. Some men like large visable inner lips. Some like totally hidden inner lips. Most does not care a bit. They will enjoy sex regardless of how your vulva looks. The only condition shuld be that you are healyhy. No infections or STDs.

It is important to remember that most women and men are self concious about how their genitals look. Will our partners like the shape, size, color, how it swells up, will I be able to satisfy her or him sexually. This is normal. Do not let this affect you in any way. You are much more than just genitals or a pair of breasts. Even the most gorgeous women in the world, models, movie stars, tv stars, beuty queens and sports stars are full of insecurities and doubts. The secret to happiness is to recognize it for what it is – insecurity, not based on reality.

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