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What happens after I take emergency contraceptives?

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Emergency contraceptives (like Plan B, Ella, Next Choice, i pill, My Way, Unwanted 72, Take Action, E Pills, ECee2, Pill 72, Postinor-2, Preventol, Agesta, Gynepriston, Milfepristone 72, Negele, Escapella, Escinor 1.5, Escinor 0.75, Postinor, NorLevo 0.75) work by shocking your fertility cycle to a standstill. Its only aim is to prevent you from releasing an egg (ovulation) while his sperm is alive inside your body.

After 5 to 7 days you may see withdrawal bleeding. This is the same thing a woman taking birth control pills gets as her period. It is artificially caused by the very strong pill hormones leaving your body and causing your uterus lining to bleed. This can be a bit of spotting or light bleeding, but more likely more like your menstruation. If this does not happen, it does NOT mean that the emergency contraceptives failed and you are now pregnant.

You can expect your next menstruation to be very likely late. After shocking your cycle to a standstill and withdrawal bleeding, your natural cycle must now restart. It is not predictable how or when this will happen. There is also a very good chance that your cycles will change. It can move dates, become regular or irregular, the amount of flow can change. This is because your natural cycles are not always restarted the same way. You can also observe these changes after stopping the pill or after child birth, a miscarriage or an abortion.

It is for these reasons that emergency contraceptives should be your last resort, not your goto method of birth control.

Since there are so many strange things going on in your body after taking emergency contraceptives, you need to make sure you are not pregnant. Take a pregnancy test 21 days after the sex, and repeat it 7 days later to make sure you are ok.

Do not expect to get a positive pregnancy test result. In general, emergency contraceptives are very effective. It is only within a day of your ovulation that the older Plan B like pills fail to stop ovulation. At that stage the Ella like pills still works well until a few hours before ovulation. If you have just ovulated when you have sex, no emergency contraceptive can undo ovulation and conception. An IUD can however still be inserted to prevent implantation of a potential fertilized egg.

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