Jul 20 2014

How do I masturbate?

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If you have not done so yet, take a mirror and look at yourself. Search the internet for “Female Anatomy”, then identify each one of your parts. Look at it, feel how it feels between your fingers. Feel how it makes you feel when you touch it. You do not have to be afraid that you will injure yourself or break anything. Your genitals are a part of your body, like any other part. It has its own function and role, like every other part of your body. And you should know how this looks and works.

Your primary sex organ is your clitoris. It has over 8000 nerve endings which makes it the most sensitive organ in the human body, male or female. That little glans that you can feel or see has more nerve endings like the male’s full penis! It has various neural pathways connecting it to the brain to ensure that the signals reach your brain.

In contrast, the vagina is largely devoid of nerve endings. This is to protect you from trauma during child birth, sex, menstruation and infections. The vagina is the birth canal, an exit for menstrual flow and a safe place for your partner to deposit his sperm to make you pregnant.

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