Jul 20 2014

Why did I bleed a lot after sex?

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Is it possible that your period started during sex. Sexual activity can make your uterus move around, and your uterus walls can even contract during an orgasm. This orgasmic contractions are the same action as menstrual cramps. If you are within a day or two of your period starting or ending, these contractions can start the uterus lining breaking up and dissolving.

If you are on birth control pills, especially if you started, missed or changed pills recently, it can be breakthrough bleeding. A fairly common side effect where your uterus lining thickens and can bleed unexpectedly.

You can also take a mirror and look for tears in your vaginal opening. Especially in the soft tissue at the back between your vaginal opening and your anus.

If you are worried, or it happens every time, you need to see your doctor.

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