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Did I have an orgasm?

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If you want to understand your orgasm, you have to understand how you get to an orgasm, and what an orgasm is.

Building up to an orgasm is the collection and storage of tension, stress and energy in your pelvic muscles and orgasms. In this process, electric signals from the nerves in that area are fed to your brain. This build up continues to the point where you get uncomfortable and you crave the release of this tension. Your brain will get overwhelmed by the signals and will go into a trance like state for a few seconds. This will allow the tension, stress and energy to discharge in waves of heat, contractions and pleasure.

During the build up your body is gathering energy and tension, and you will often feel like curling forwards into the fetal position. As these signals and tension swirl through your body, you can convulse and shake involuntary. It can even feel like the release starts and the waves of contractions and convulsions start, but it does not quite make it over the edge to full release. This is normal.

Your breathing will race and your heart will beat at least twice as fast. Your hips and legs may move involuntary and your head may bob uncomfortably forwards and backwards, exposing your neck. Your hands may clasp, your back may arch, your feet may spasm and your face will look like you are in intense pain.

When your orgasm starts, you will experience intense pleasure, rolling through your body in waves of contractions, heat and pleasure. The epicenter of this will be around your cervix, vagina or uterus. Your body can shake and convulse uncontrollably, you may hold your breath and even make grunting sounds.

When it is done, you should feel relaxed, sleepy, satisfied, glowing and happy. This is because a number of chemicals and hormones are excreted into your blood and brain during your orgasm. These chemicals are meant to make you wandt more sex, and make you bond with your partner. It is part of your most basic instincts as a woman, a sexual partner and a mother.

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