Jul 20 2014

Am I a Virgin?

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Being a virgin has two meanings:

* Medical -> Never having had a penis inside your vagina
* Religious -> Being sexually pure

The hymen has no role to play in virginity. Most women tear their hymen when they lose their virginity, but it is not always true. A woman can tear her hymen without having sex. And her hymen can stay intact even if she had sex. In general, the hymen is a very bad indicator of virginity.

Sexual purity means that she did not have sexual contact with any body else – oral sex, anal sex, mutual masturbation, fingering or hand sex. In some oppressive cultures, even masturbation is considered to be impure, but in most modern societies, masturbation is considered to be a healthy and natural part of growing up and managing sexual urges.

It is normal to expect a virgin to be inexperienced, free of STDs, pregnancy and have no children.

The concept of a reborn virgin does not exist. Your virginity is taken the first time you have a penis inside your vagina. That cannot be undone. It is a good idea to minimize the number of sexual partners you have over your lifetime. This will minimize the risk of infections and STDs that can affect your fertility and sexuality later in life when you settle down. The concept behind reborn virginity is thus a sound one – call a halt to casual sex and reevaluate your behavior. Technically you can however never become a virgin again.

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