Jun 04 2009

Barrier Methods

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Barrier methods prevent the sperm from getting to the egg by putting a barrier between them.

Examples of these method are:

  • Male condom
  • Female condom
  • Cervical Cap
  • Diaphragm
  • Spounge

These devices can be single use or multiple use devices, it can fit over the male penis and change the sensations for both the male and female partner or it can be unobtrusive, it can be used with or without chemical birth control methods as a backup. The one thing it does allow is sex whenever you want to, through every phase of the menstrual cycle. It also allows the male to ejaculate unhindered while inside the female.

Some of these devices are made of latex. Latex is a material that can cause allergic reactions. These devices are also made of rubber, plastic, silicone and lamb skin.

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